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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Ring Appraised

We all have items that mean so much to us. For some, this could be their phone, their favorite shirt, or their car, while for others, this could be a piece of jewelry that holds precious memories. So if you’ve recently gotten engaged or married or received a ring that’s been passed down for generations, you might be wondering what you can do to keep something valuable safe. One of the best things to do this is to get it insured, and it all starts with an appraisal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the appraisal process, don’t worry! First, we’ll go through the basics about getting your ring appraised and then explain the process itself.

Importance of Getting Rings Appraised

When you own something that means a lot to you, you’d want to keep them safe, right? Like what you’d do with a car or a house, you would want to secure your jewelry item. Regardless of whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or a gold ring that’s been handed down to you by your grandparents, you can feel more at peace knowing that this precious item is safe.

This is why it’s highly recommended to insure your ring and, therefore, why it’s also important to get this appraised. Before getting an insurance policy, insurance companies would most likely ask you for an appraisal. The value assigned to your ring allows the insurance provider to determine your coverage and claim. Without an appraisal, you might end up paying too much or too little to insure your ring fully.

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How Ring Appraisals Work

The appraisal process as a whole is pretty simple. First, you take your ring to a jewelry appraiser; they evaluate the different aspects of your ring; and based on the current market value for similar types of jewelry (during the time of the appraisal), they’ll assign a monetary value to your item. You would then receive a document containing all the details of the appraisal.

How to Get a Ring Appraised

With that general knowledge of how appraisals work, let’s now go into the details about how you can get your ring appraised.

Finding Qualified Appraisers

The first step is to find someone trustworthy and reliable. This is a crucial step as you’d want to get a qualified appraisal from a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. Doing a little bit of research before approaching an appraiser is recommended. For one, you can go to the official websites of organizations or associations like the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. They have a list of certified appraisers around the world, including the Philippines.

You can also look up some information about an appraiser, including their educational and professional background (if these are available online). Finding reviews of previous clients is also helpful, as these indicate whether you can truly trust the appraiser or not.

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Once you find an appraiser, the preparation for the actual process begins. This includes cleaning the ring and inspecting its overall quality. At this point, you can ask questions about the appraisal cost depending on their general evaluation and how long it would take, among others. You should also let the appraiser know why you’re getting an appraisal so that the methods and procedures align with this purpose.

Appraisal Process

After all the preparations are done, the process itself would begin. The appraiser would evaluate the type of metal and precious stones and their different characteristics, including their weight, karat, quality, color, and others. For example, if you want a diamond ring appraised, they would evaluate the diamond quality, metal type, and the market for diamonds and similar rings. All of these would be considered for the appraiser to assign a monetary value to your ring.

Using the Appraisal

Depending on the type of appraisal you got, you can use the document to push through with your plans. For example, you can bring the jewelry appraisal to the company you’ve talked to so that they can create a personalized insurance policy for you. If you have plans to sell your ring, the assigned value helps you gauge how much you could sell the ring for.

Understanding Your Ring Appraisal Report

The appraisal report should contain the details regarding your ring and the monetary value assigned to it. Specifically, the report should include the following information at the very least:

  • Name and address of the appraiser
  • Name and address of the client
  • Appraisal date
  • Details about the ring (including types of stones and their characteristics, model numbers, if any, manufacturer markings, metal settings, and appraised value)
  • Assumptions and Limiting Conditions
  • Certification of the Appraisal Practice
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Statement
  • Signature of the appraiser and those who assisted during the appraisal process
  • Photos of the ring

The appraiser’s written report must conform to the standards set by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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Uses of the Appraisal

As we’ve covered above, one of the most common reasons why people get an appraisal for their ring (or any type of jewelry) is for insurance purposes. While the Philippines currently does not have insurance policies that cover pieces of jewelry specifically, you can opt to get insurance coverage abroad. A jewelry insurance agency or company would ask you for an independent appraisal report on which to base their insurance policy.

Similarly, you can get a rider for your ring if you’re getting or have estate insurance. The lawyer could determine the estate tax based on the appraiser’s determined estate value of your ring.

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