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Where to Get Rings Appraised: Choosing the Right Jewelry Appraiser

Getting a ring appraisal might not be something most people consider doing, but several reasons make it worth it. For instance, if you’ve got an engagement ring made of precious metals and stones, you’d want to protect something so special, right? An appraisal allows you to keep your engagement ring secure and safe by getting an insurance policy (whether you plan to get one overseas for your jewelry specifically or add it to your estate insurance).

That’s one key reason – getting an appraisal can serve much more than using it for insurance purposes.

Now if you’re considering getting an engagement ring appraisal (or any type of appraisal, really), you might be wondering where to start. Here, we’ll go through the basics of where to get rings appraised and how to find a reliable appraiser.

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Importance of Finding the Right Jewelry Appraiser

Having your ring appraised means that you are going to leave your ring to a complete and total stranger for the job. Besides that, it’s crucial to ensure that the professional appraiser precisely knows what they’re doing and that they’re following specific standards when going through the appraisal process. An inexperienced appraiser might make mistakes that could drastically change your ring’s assigned value, or worse – you could be part of a jewelry appraisal scam.

It is, therefore, imperative that you trust the person that will make an appraisal for your ring. It would be wise to take your time and do a little bit of research to find the best appraiser.

Choosing a Reliable Appraiser: Qualifications to Look For

So, how do you find a reliable appraiser? What qualifications should you look for?

First and foremost, an appraiser should have some jewelry appraisal training and be a gemology graduate. Gemology is a science that deals with natural and artificial gemstones and is being offered as a course in selected countries around the globe. Gemologists are academically trained to identify and evaluate gems.

Other credentials that would provide confidence in an appraiser would be the organization the appraiser is a member of or recognized by. There’s a list of appraisal associations and organizations that boast the credentials of their members or those they recognize. For example, the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), an organization dedicated to upholding quality standards for gem and jewelry appraisers, has a list of appraisers they recognize globally. You could check out their website to find a recognized appraiser near you.

You could also look at their other credentials or certifications. As you’re finding out some information about the appraiser you want to reach out to, you might see letters like “GIA GG” or “FGA” near their name or on their website. These refer to their credentials and could be a telling sign about how much you can trust them. For example, “GIA GG” means an appraiser is a Graduate Gemologist of GIA, a nonprofit institute committed to the research and education in gemology.

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Where to Get Rings Appraised: Pros and Cons

In-Store Appraisal Services

One place to find appraisal services is by going to jewelry stores or some pawn shops. Sometimes, when you buy jewelry from a store, you could get an appraisal at request, or they could offer you the service as you purchase your piece.

The most significant benefit you can get from an in-store appraisal is accessibility. Most likely, you’d be able to spot a jewelry store around your locale; if not, a quick search can give you a list. Another benefit is that you get to see the official appraisal process in person and ask any questions before and after you receive the appraisal document. This helps establish a sense of trust, especially if you’re getting an appraisal for a prized possession.

A downside to this could be the costs. If you buy your ring from a store, they might give you a complimentary jewelry appraisal. However, this might not be the case for everyone. While there’s no general rule about how much in-store appraisal services cost, some might charge more depending on the store name associated with them and other overhead costs used to run their businesses.

Independent Jewelry Appraisers

Another way to get an appraisal is by looking for an independent appraiser. These qualified appraisers also follow the same jewelry appraisal techniques and standards as appraisers do in-store but work on their own (without being associated with a store name).

Some people might not want a complimentary appraisal from a store, thinking that the appraisal may not be as accurate as they want it to be. If this is a concern, this option is a good choice as it will ensure that you get an independent evaluation. In a way, knowing that the appraiser isn’t tied to a store selling jewelry pieces could put you more at ease.

A downside to this could be availability. Unlike in-store appraisal services, where you can easily find one and read reviews about it, finding an independent appraiser might be more challenging.

Online Appraisal Services

Finally, you can look for some appraisal services online. The best part about this is the convenience of the entire process. You can just send your inquiries about appraisals, have negotiations, and go through the process in the comfort of your own home. You’ll likely have several options, which you could see by doing a quick search. You might also find some services that offer free appraisals (though certain conditions apply).

However, a major drawback to this is that you’ll be more open to being scammed. For example, some websites could pretend to be professionals offering cheap appraisals but don’t actually know about the process. This would be a massive problem since the official appraisal you’d be receiving would also affect what you choose to do with it, like sending it to an insurance company.

You also won’t be able to see the process yourself. Instead of seeing qualified appraisers do their work in front of you or being in the same room, most online services won’t be able to give you this option.

Our Ring Appraisal Services

If you’re looking for an appraisal service that you can trust, reach out to us at Willyn Villarica Jewelry. Whether you want to get an heirloom or diamond ring appraisal, you’re sure to get quality service from us. We offer different types of appraisals (basic, advance, expert, and estate appraisals) depending on your needs and the kind of jewelry you want to appraise. 

Willyn Villarica is your trusted partner for ring appraisal services, catering to clients around the globe. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure accurate and reliable assessments of your precious gemstones. It’s important to note that while we offer our services worldwide, clients are responsible for covering all travel expenses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your diamonds expertly graded by Willyn Villarica.

Feel free to contact us via email at admin@willynvillaricajewelry.com for inquiries or to schedule appointments. You can also connect with us through our official Facebook (Willyn Villarica Jewelry) and Instagram (@willynvillarica_jewelry) accounts. If you require further assistance, we are also reachable directly at +63279497547.

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