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The Ultimate Guide to Ring Resizing

When it comes to wearing jewelry like rings, the fitting is crucial. It should be comfortable — not too loose but not too tight. However, there are instances when the finger size changes, the ring you received or purchased is not the right size, or you just want to wear the ring on another finger. In these cases ring resizing is the best and only option. 

There are several ways to resize rings, from minor to major ring resizing. The problem is not all rings can be resized. If you’re planning to resize your ring, it’s best to check this article first to figure out whether your ring can be resized or not.

Understanding Ring Resizing

Ring sizing is a method where a jeweler modifies the size of the ring to make it smaller or larger to fit the wearer’s finger. Resizing rings is a usual practice in the world of jewelry. Most expert jewelry repair services offer ring resizing because not all rings and designs are available in all sizes at a given time in jewelry shops. 

When Do You Need to Resize Your Ring?

The common reasons for resizing a ring are uncomfortable fit, weight changes, pregnancy, seasonal changes, or receiving it as a gift, engagement ring, wedding band, or inheritance. When wearing rings, the size is crucial to ensure they don’t slip or are not too tight which hinders blood circulation. So, if they don’t fit comfortably, it’s best to have your rings resized.

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Factors to Consider Before Resizing a Ring

Before you resize a ring, there are several important factors you must consider to ensure the procedure is a success and doesn’t damage the ring’s quality, beauty, and integrity. Here are 6 factors you should consider.


The materials used to make the ring should be the #1 factor you must consider. Some types of jewelry metals are easier to resize while others are not. Gold is more malleable and can be resized a couple of times. On the other hand, platinum is more difficult to adjust. Hence, adjusting platinum rings is more costly than gold rings.


The design includes the style, details, and settings of the ring. Rings with intricate details, patterns, and settings are more challenging to adjust without damaging or affecting the design. 


Some precious gemstones are sensitive to high temperatures and can get damaged when exposed to certain levels of heat. But the common way to resize rings is by using heat. There are instances where the gemstones should be removed and reset to resize a ring properly.

Size Changes

When making the ring smaller, the usual method used is by cutting a section out of the ring. And for making it larger, adding a piece of metal is sometimes required. How much the ring size changes should be considered because it might affect the ring’s overall look.

Ring Resizing Method

The ring sizing method should be based on the material, design, and adjustments required. A few popular ring resizing methods are soldering or cutting and removing or adding.


The reputation and experience of the jeweler are crucial in ring resizing. If they can’t resize the rings properly, they can damage and ruin your precious rings.

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How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring?

The cost of ring resizing depends on the material, size changes, design, and complexity of the resizing process. It’s best to consult with an experienced and reputable jeweler for a specific ring resizing quotation.

How Long Does it Take to Resize a Ring?

Professional ring sizing can take one to two weeks, sometimes more depending on the complexity of the adjustments required. Remember, if there are intricate designs in the ring, it can take longer. Also, the workload of the jeweler affects how soon they can start with your ring adjustment. 

Basic Process: How to Resize a Ring

The ring resizing process will depend on what changes it needs and the jeweler’s expertise.

To make the ring smaller, the jeweler cuts a piece out of the band, forms the ring into a circular shape, and solders the two end pieces together. The jeweler cleans and polishes the ring to make it look like it wasn’t cut.

Making the ring bigger is more challenging. There are two ways to make the ring larger —  stretching the band or adding a piece of metal. The method depends on the design, material, and jeweler’s preference. When the metal is stretched, it will only add up to half the size bigger. But for a bigger size change, adding a metal is a better option. For this method, the jeweler cuts the ring, adds a piece of metal, solders it together, cleans the edges, and polishes the band. 

Ring Materials That Can Be Resized

Some ring materials are easier and faster to resize than others. While other materials can be difficult or impossible to resize such as eternity bands, rings made from wood, cobalt chrome, and ceramic, tension-set rings, and rings with very intricate designs. Check the ring material before adjusting its size. Here are ring materials that can be resized:


Gold rings are malleable and can be stretched to make them bigger or cut to make them smaller. This process can also be done in both yellow and rose gold rings. However, for white gold rings, a more complex process is required because of the mixed alloy in them. It’s necessary to work with an expert jeweler when resizing white gold rings.


Just like gold, silver is a malleable and soft metal making it easier to work with compared to other materials. If your silver ring has detailed, intricate details, it might be more costly to protect the ring’s designs and quality.


Compared to silver and gold rings, platinum rings are denser and more difficult to work with. However, platinum rings can still be resized but are more challenging, expensive, and labor intensive. In the Philippines, where gold and silver are the primary materials used for jewelry, not a lot of professionals have the capability to work with platinum-based jewelry.

Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Tungsten Carbide

While not impossible to resize, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide rings are challenging and difficult to resize. Special techniques should be implemented and there’s a limitation to how much they can be resized. However, not all jewelers are knowledgeable enough to adjust titanium, tungsten carbide, and stainless-steel rings.

Where to Get a Ring Resized: Professional vs DIY

It’s better to have your ring resized by a professional jeweler than to do it on your own, especially if you don’t have the right equipment, knowledge, experience, and expertise. Professional jewelers are trained, and experienced, and know how to use specialized tools required for ring resizing. They can preserve the integrity, appearance, and value of the ring and check the quality after the ring sizing process. Jewelers follow strict protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of the ring.

On the other hand, DIY ring resizing is prone to damage because special tools and expertise are required to finish the process. If you don’t have the experience and the right tools, there’s a high probability that you’ll damage your ring, and it will cost you more for the repair than going to professionals.

Ring Resizing FAQs

How many sizes can a ring be sized up?

In general, rings can be resized about one to two sizes up. However, the ring material, design, and ring sizing method will limit how much the band can be sized up. Consult a professional jeweler to have your rings checked and which ring sizing methods work best for them.

How many times can you resize a ring?

Rings can be resized multiple times but there are limitations. Keep in mind, repeated ring resizing weakens the metal and affects its integrity, quality, and appearance. Minimize ring resizing by consulting an expert jeweler for guidance. 

What is the disadvantage of resizing a ring?

The disadvantage of resizing rings is they weaken the metal and can damage the designs and gemstones in the bands. Also, resizing rings can affect their structural integrity, quality, and overall value.

Can I go to any jeweler resize a ring?

Technically, yes, you can go to any jeweler to resize a ring. However, it’s best to check the jeweler’s reputation and experience to ensure your ring is in good hands. Also, by working with an expert jeweler, you can be sure the resizing is successful.

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