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Demystifying Diamond Certification

Diamonds have always been a special gemstone. They symbolize love, luxury, power, status, and commitment. But buying precious gemstones like diamonds requires proper information and details. This is where diamond certification is essential. The diamond certificate holds the essential information for diamond buyers to decide whether these gemstones are real, authentic, and priced properly. 

However, not all diamond buyers are experienced enough to understand the information in a diamond certificate. We’ll demystify the diamond certification process and answer a few frequently asked questions about it in this article.

What is Diamond Certification?

Also called a diamond grading report or certificate, diamond certification is a detailed document released by a reputable and recognized gemological laboratory. In this diamond certificate, you’ll see the specified diamond’s unique attributes, characteristics, and grade. It includes the results of the diamond grading process where the 4Cs are checked and analyzed  — carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. 

Also, the best diamond certification includes the diamond’s measurements, shape, fluorescence, and other important characteristics.

Importance of Certified Diamonds

A diamond report includes information about the gemstone helping build trust between the seller and the buyer. It helps buyers make well-informed decisions about whether they want the specific diamond or look for another one. The certification process is done, examined, and interpreted by experienced professionals. This minimizes biased information, misinterpretations, and risks in buying diamonds. 

Also, certified diamonds are easier to insure and have higher resale value than uncertified diamonds.

The Diamond Certification Process

The diamond certification process is a standardized procedure conducted by recognized gemological laboratories to check, assess, and document the qualities and characteristics of the diamond. 

How to Get a Diamond Certified

The diamond certification process starts with submitting the diamond to a reputable gemological laboratory. Experienced, trained, and highly skilled gemologists use special tools and equipment to examine the gemstone meticulously. They examine the 4Cs, inspect any imperfections, and measure the polish, symmetry, and proportions of the diamonds. 

Then, the gemologists will grade the diamond and add all the information and unique characteristics of the diamond to the report. After the diamond grading services and finishing the report, the diamond is ready for consumers. These diamond certificates can be verified and help authenticate diamonds.

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Where to Get a Diamond Certificate

You can get a diamond certificate from reputable and well-established gemological laboratories with an expert diamond grader. However, there are no gemological laboratories here in the Philippines that meet the international standards for stone grading for diamonds and colored gemstones. They’re all located abroad.

Before you submit your diamonds, check the laboratory’s credentials, reputations, and information to avoid problems.

There are a lot of gem laboratories that can grade your diamonds and precious stones. However, I strongly recommend that you only deal with the following laboratories:

  1. Gemological Institute of America (gia.edu)
  2. International Gemological Institute  (igi.org)
  3. Gubelin (gubelin.com)

These laboratories are the industry leaders.

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What Information Should a Diamond Report Include?

A detailed, comprehensive diamond report should include the following essential information about the submitted diamond:

Unique Identifier and Date Issued

Every diamond certificate should have a unique identifier or report number to make verification of the report’s authenticity easier and faster. It should also include the date when the diamond report was issued.

Gemological Laboratory Details

The information and details of the gemological laboratory should be present in the diamond certificate such as the name, contact information, and location. 

Diamond Details

The diamond details such as carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut, shape, measurements, fluorescence, unique features, and additional comments, should be included. All these details make pricing the gemstone easier.

Proportions, Symmetry, and Polish Grades

The proportions and symmetry details make identifying the diamond easier because the table size, angles, and thickness are included. The polish grade assesses the quality of the diamond’s surface polish.

Inclusions and Blemishes (if applicable)

Some but not all diamond certificates include the inclusions and blemishes of the diamond. This helps buyers and collectors identify the nature and location of the imperfections.

Stone Plot

The stone plot is where the important internal and external characteristics of the diamond are listed. This will explain the grade of the diamond and act as a fingerprint where professionals can help identify the gemstone.

Security Features

The security features are essential in preventing any forgery or tampering of diamonds. Some security features include microprinting, holograms, and more.

Laser Inscription

If the diamond has any laser-inscribed markings or serial numbers, they should be mentioned in the diamond certificate for the identification process.

The Best Diamond Certification Types

In the Philippines, it’s best to focus on internationally recognized gemological laboratories to have your diamond certification. This ensures the diamond report will be accepted and recognized all over the world. Here are the 3 best diamond certification types that are internationally recognized.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

GIA is the most renowned and respected diamond certification authority worldwide. They are famous for their strict and high grading standards and consistency putting them at the top spot in the diamond certification world. All GIA-certified diamonds are accepted in the Philippines and other countries. 

International Gemological Institute (IGI)

IGI operates 20 gemological laboratories all over the world. Their main office is located in Antwerp, Belgium Europe.  The diamond reports they provide are accepted and recognized in the local and global diamond markets. They include the essential information in their diamond reports and might include a diagram for the diamond’s clarity characteristics.

Local Jewelry Retailers and Appraisers

There are multiple reputable local jewelry retailers and appraisers in the country that provide diamond certificates. There are independent gemologists in the Philippines who also offer diamond certification services. However, these diamond reports by local jewelry retailers, appraisers, and independent gemologists are not recognized internationally.

Diamond Certification FAQs

Is it okay to buy a diamond without a certificate?

It boils down to the buyer’s decision. If you trust your seller or have enough skills or expertise to identify legitimate, authentic diamonds, you can purchase diamonds without a certificate. However, it’s highly recommended to only purchase diamonds with legitimate diamond certification for transparency, quality assurance, and peace of mind.

What is the difference between a certified and non-certified diamond?

Basically, a certified diamond comes with a legitimate and recognized diamond certificate with details and information about the gemological laboratory and the diamond. While a non-certified diamond doesn’t have any official document. Diamonds and colored stone grading is subjective so buying a non-certified diamond will not give you the maximum valuation versus a certified one.  

Is IGI or GIA better?

Because of the strict grading standard and global recognition of GIA, it is considered better than IGI. IGI also enforces strict standards when it comes to grading diamonds and colored gemstones. However, some businesses and people find them more lenient compared to GIA. As a result, many jewelers, buyers, businesses, and professionals in the diamond industry prefer GIA. 

When it comes to cost, IGI certification is more affordable than GIA which is also a big factor for most businesses and individuals. Also, the type of gemstones you want to be certified will affect which is the best for you. Check which gemstones and diamonds the laboratory specializes in. Some gemological labs have more experience and expertise in specific types of gemstones. This will narrow down your options and help you decide which is the best for your gemstones.

The laboratory availability and turnaround time will mostly depend on the specific laboratory. This is applicable to both IGI and GIA. If your main concern is a quick turnaround time, contact and consult with the laboratory first to find out the expected processing time. GIA has 11 locations as of today while IGI operates 20 laboratories all around the world (according to the website igi.org).

Personal preferences, needs, budget, and locations are a big factor when identifying which is better — IGI or GIA. 

Appraise Your Diamonds by Experts from W. Villarica Jewelry

If you’re purchasing diamonds, it’s best to look for those with diamond certifications. When the diamonds undergo a diamond certification process, all the details, information, and qualities of the gemstone are checked by professional gemologists ensuring you’ll get authentic and the right diamonds. But if you have a diamond without a certification, schedule an appointment at Willyn Villarica Jewelry and have it appraised to check its qualities and details.

Willyn Villarica is your trusted partner for jewelry appraisal services, catering to clients around the globe. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure accurate and reliable assessments of your precious gemstones. It’s important to note that while we offer our services worldwide, clients are responsible for covering all travel expenses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your diamonds expertly graded by Willyn Villarica. For inquiries or appointments, reach out to us via email at admin@willynvillaricajewelry.com, or engage with us on our official Facebook (Willyn Villarica Jewelry) and Instagram (@willynvillarica_jewelry) accounts. Furthermore, we are readily available for direct communication at +63279497547.

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