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Selling Vintage Jewelry: How to Get the Best Market Value

Ever think about those gemstone earrings or diamond bracelets you have stored inside that jewelry box you haven’t opened in a while? Or you’ve looked over this gold jewelry with lots of history attached to it and think it’s the best time to let it go. Whatever reason you may have, this could be an excellent time for you to sell your jewelry pieces.

Jewelry items aren’t just for accessorizing – lots of people put their money on pieces as a form of investment. Especially for vintage jewelry pieces, collectors or enthusiasts might be on the lookout for items that you currently have.

So if you have ever thought of selling vintage jewelry for a fair price, here’s a guide on how to get started.

What is Vintage Jewelry?

First off, what exactly is “vintage jewelry”? This is a piece of jewelry that is aged between 50 to 100 years. It doesn’t matter whether you are its original owner or it is inherited jewelry.

In some instances, a jewelry item is also considered “vintage” when it adheres to a specific style that belongs to a particular era (regardless of its age). For example, some earrings that had mass appeal during the 90s or 80s may be considered vintage jewelry.

While seemingly synonymous with antique jewelry, these are two different things. For one, antique jewelry is a piece that’s over a hundred years old. It’s also considered antique when it’s associated with a historical period. For example, a necklace created during Queen Victoria’s reign (Victorian era) would be regarded as antique.

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How to sell your vintage jewelry

Read around about its demand

Before even considering going through your jewelry box and selling those classy diamond earrings, it’s best to first go through online listings or fashion websites/magazines to determine if you could find potential buyers. Remember that the selling price would depend on the demand for the piece. So regardless of whether you spent nothing, hundreds of pesos, or maybe even thousands of dollars for a piece, what you paid cannot be the sole basis of your selling price.

If, for example, you saw that not a lot of people would be willing to buy your earrings or necklace or that a particular style isn’t something people are interested in, you might want to consider getting the materials cut and selling clean stones or metals as is.

Get an appraisal

Getting a jewelry appraisal can also significantly help you. Not only will you know the assigned value of your piece, which gives you an idea about how much you could sell it for, but you’ll also know the details about the materials and stones that make up your jewelry item. For instance, if you need clarification on whether your gold jewelry is authentic or if it’s costume jewelry, getting a professional appraisal can also help clarify this, among other questions you might have. These are helpful to help you avoid getting scammed.

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Ensure your piece is at its best quality

You’d get a higher chance of selling your item when it’s in excellent condition. This means that if there are minor jewelry repairs that you can do, you should consider getting your jewelry item fixed.

Selling clean jewelry also helps tremendously. Of course, any buyer would want to receive something that looks great or decent enough for them to own, so before you send it off to auction houses, pawn shops, or wherever you decide to sell your jewelry, it’s highly recommended you ensure it’s clean. You can do it on your own by using warm water and mild soap; however, for safety purposes, it’s better to find a professional jeweler who can handle your piece with utmost care.

Find the best place to sell

Finally, it’s time to look for the best place to sell your vintage jewelry item. It truly depends on what you want to achieve or what process would benefit you the most, but the most common ways to sell are by going to auction houses, looking for jewelry shops, or finding an online jewelry buyer. If your area conducts community fairs where people look for antique jewelry, vintage items, and the like, consider putting up a spot to sell your pieces there too.

Common Mistakes When Selling Vintage Jewelry

Not having enough information about your jewelry

Selling your jewelry, not knowing its type, is the first mistake that you might be committing. You could be selling vintage jewelry without you realizing it and might sell it at a much lower price than what it’s actually worth. The key is to be prepared when you are selling your vintage jewelry. If you know how much your jewelry’s value is, you may not accept offers that are too low or those that don’t seem fair.

To know how much your vintage jewelry is worth, you may want to collect all the documents related to your piece. Have your vintage jewelry appraised and take note of anything that makes your item stand out, like the era or decade where it came from and what specific characteristics of jewelry were from that era, the brand, the style, and so on. Again, be prepared and be sure that you know what you are selling.

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Selling to the wrong customers

Be careful when transacting with a customer, especially since you’re selling something precious. If you’re working with jewelry retailers or selling to jewelry stores, remember to find a place that’s already well-established or has some reviews.

When selling to an online jewelry buyer who would want to meet with you, it’s a big mistake not to practice precautions before meeting up with them. Remember that safety is the most important thing here. It’s better to get some information about your buyer first and meet up where you feel safe. If they want to have the item delivered, don’t settle for shipping the item without any payment. You can work out the details on your own, but don’t blindly trust that they’ll pay as soon as they get your jewelry.

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Being pressured to sell

Giving in to the pressure to take the first offer is something you’d want to avoid. You’re not obligated to accept an offer that you are uncomfortable with. If a buyer is pressuring you to accept their offer, it’s better to look for a different person. Consider getting multiple offers, especially if you know the value of your vintage jewelry.

Tips on Getting the Best Market Value

Be patient

Unless you’re in a situation where you need to sell your jewelry for cash immediately, it’s best to take your time with things. When you’re in a rush, you won’t be able to take the needed time to truly understand everything about your piece and the entire sales process.

Additionally, in some cases where the value of good-quality vintage jewelry appreciates more as time passes, it’s best to consider holding onto it a bit longer so that you can sell it for a higher price.

Work with trustworthy people

In the process of selling, if you choose to do so, you’d be working with people to help you sell and get the best value for your jewelry item. That said, it’s better to research and ask around about the best people to reach out to. For example, it’s better to find a reputable jeweler that you’ve heard of or a family jeweler with whom your relatives have worked. If you want help with the bidding process or finding prospective buyers, consider finding a jewelry broker.

In both instances, it’s best to ensure you’re working with a professional that knows what they’re doing and has a reasonable fee.

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