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How to Get Jewelry Appraised: Things to Consider

If you get a valuable piece of jewelry, like an old pair of earrings or a ring handed down to you, it’s highly recommended that you get an appraisal. An accurate appraisal is the only way for you to determine the value of a piece of jewelry.

Now, if you’re curious about how to get a jewelry appraisal, you’re in luck! In this blog post, I will discuss some of the things you need to consider before getting your jewelry appraised. I’ll also give you some tips about what you should do before an appraisal and what questions to ask an appraiser.

How Jewelry Appraisal Works

During the process of jewelry appraisal, your piece of jewelry will be inspected by a professional jewelry appraiser to determine its monetary value. After examining a jewelry item, you’ll get an appraisal – a document that describes the item, its quality, and the assigned value, among other necessary information (more on this later).

Appraisal Purposes

Insurance Appraisal

Also referred to as “replacement value appraisal,” you choose this type of appraisal for insurance purposes. This appraisal determines the retail replacement value of pieces of jewelry. This is the cost of replacement should the item be lost or damaged.

Fair Market Value Appraisal

This type of appraisal determines the retail value of the jewelry item AT A SPECIFIC MOMENT IN TIME. You’ll select this type of appraisal if you’re a retail jeweler or just simply planning to sell your jewelry.

Through this appraisal, you’ll find out the price you might get by selling certain types of jewelry. Note that you may get a lower or higher estimate for the fair market value compared to the retail replacement value since the latter considers the value of replacing a brand-new item whilst the former, fair market value, tells you how the market is buying, selling, or trading your jewelry item. In short, “uso ba yung jewelry mo?” “Mabenta ba yung alahas mo?”

Liquidation Value Appraisal

The last type of appraisal is used to determine the resale value of your jewelry if you need to liquidate your possessions. It’s based on current market trends and market prices.

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Jewelry Appraisal: Things to Consider

Purpose of appraisal

You first need to consider your purpose for getting the appraisal. For example, are you planning to get jewelry insurance or want to know the resale value? Once you have your purpose in mind, you can choose the type of appraisal that would work for you.

Kind of appraiser

You also need to consider the kind of qualified jewelry appraiser you will approach. Again, this is based on the piece you want to appraise. For example, if your jewelry has precious gemstones, you should reach out to a gemologist appraiser. On the other hand, if you have antique pieces of jewelry, you can find an antique jewelry appraiser.


If you’re getting an appraisal for an insurance replacement, it’s best to take note of any requirements that an insurance company asks of you. Before providing insurance for expensive jewelry and the like, they usually ask for an appraisal, so it’s better if you take note of any specifications or requirements they have before you get an appraisal for your item.

Agreements with the appraiser

Finally, it’s best to talk with the appraiser to avoid any appraisal issues. For example, you should talk about costs before the appraisal process begins. You can also settle on a preliminary value for your jewelry if you leave it with them.

Questions to Ask Your Jewelry Appraiser

To further help you in your appraisal, I suggest that you consider asking your appraiser the following questions beforehand:

  • Are you part of a professional appraisal group or organization?
  • Where did you receive your appraisal training, or what is your educational background?
  • What experiences do you have in the type of appraisal that I chose?
  • What equipment will you use to appraise my jewelry?
  • How long will the jewelry appraisal take?
  • What are your fees?
  • What information will the appraisal contain?

Tips on Getting Jewelry Appraised

Do your research

I’ve given you some background information about the basics of jewelry appraisals already. However, if some things are still unclear, it would help you to do additional research before asking for an appraisal. Don’t be afraid to ask around or reach out to your appraiser for any questions you might have.

Find information about the appraiser

This ties in with my first tip, besides researching the process itself, you should also look for information about an appraiser. The best way to find an appraiser is through a professional organization. You can also look at or ask them about their training and education.

Double-check the appraisal

Lastly, once you receive the appraisal, I suggest you review the information presented. The document should contain the following details: date of the appraisal, your name and information, appraisal purpose, description and value of jewelry, explanation of conditions, privacy and confidentiality statement, and appraiser’s signature and credentials.


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