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Types of Jewelry Metals: Exploring the Finest Choices

Types of Jewelry Metals: Exploring the Finest Choices

Jewelry is an essential element of any wardrobe and a great way to express your style. Exploring various types of jewelry metals is a great way to discover the perfect pieces that reflect your personal preferences. From traditional gold and silver precious metals to contemporary stainless steel and titanium alloys, there are a plethora of … Read more

Benefits of Getting an Appraisal from NAJA Appraisers

Benefits of Getting an Appraisal from NAJA Appraisers

You might wonder what the purpose of a jewelry appraisal is. The appraisal assigns a value to your jewelry, which is particularly important since gold, platinum, silver, and gemstone values fluctuate frequently. Being aware of the worth of your jewelry can prevent distress afterward in case it is misplaced or stolen, and you don’t have … Read more

Why It’s Important to Know the Value of Inherited Jewelry

Why It's Important to Know the Value of Inherited Jewelry

We’ve all heard the phrase “diamonds are forever,” but what about the value of inherited jewelry? Whether it’s a family heirloom passed down for generations or a piece gifted to you from a loved one, inherited jewelry can hold significant sentimental and monetary value. But how do you know if that antique gold necklace or … Read more

Is Jewelry a Good Investment in 2023?

Is Jewelry a good investment?

Throughout history, jewelry has been a symbol of wealth and social status. Even ancient kings and queens owned extensive collections of diamond tiaras, bejeweled amulets, and gold bracelets. From the stunning jewelry suits of Indian maharajahs to the diverse range of jewelry found in the burial sites of Egyptian pharaohs, history books are filled with … Read more

Recognizing Hallmarks: Antique Symbols Stamped on Jewelry

hallmarks antique symbols stamped on jewelry

Have you ever wondered what all those symbols stamped on antique jewelry mean? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Antique jewelry markings can reveal a wealth of information about the history and symbolism behind each piece.  From love tokens to family heirlooms, uncovering these hallmarks is an exciting journey that may just lead … Read more

How to Get a Diamond Appraised

Diamonds have been a symbol of love, romance, and luxury for centuries. People are drawn to the beauty, shine, and sparkle of diamonds and their rarity; they are formed only under extremely high temperatures and pressures. Furthermore, their superior hardness compared to other gemstones can last forever if looked after properly; when taken care of … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Investment

Investing in jewelry may seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be! Jewelry investing is becoming increasingly popular among various types of investors because of the opportunities for diversification that come with owning a valuable asset. From precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum to gems like rubies and diamonds, individual items … Read more

The Diamond Grading Process: A Comprehensive Guide

People love diamonds for many reasons, from their beauty to their symbolism. Diamonds are known for being Earth’s most complex natural material and for reflecting light in an exquisite way that creates a sparkling effect. In addition, as the world’s oldest gemstone, diamonds have been used as symbols of devotion and eternal love for centuries, … Read more

Finding a Reliable Certified Jewelry Appraiser: A Guide

Jewelry has been part of our lives since ancient times. It has adorned us, expressed our personality, and told stories about us. In addition, we often wear jewelry to show off or simply as an accessory to spice up our daily look. Investing in jewelry pieces is something that many people do, intending to sell … Read more

How and Where to Sell Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is an umbrella term for any piece of jewelry that has previously been owned. It can range from vintage heirloom pieces to contemporary designer styles. Estate jewelry often provides a unique opportunity to purchase antique and collectible items and more modern details made with precious metals and gemstones. The history of estate jewelry … Read more