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All About Red Diamonds, The World’s Rarest Diamond Color

Red diamonds represent less than 0.1% of all diamonds mined globally, making each discovery a significant addition to the world of gemstones.

In fact, from 1957 to 1987, the Gemological Institute of America, a top diamond grading organization, didn’t grade even one purely red diamond. This rarity makes them a real treasure in the world of diamonds. Their distinct red color captures the attention of collectors and jewelry fans alike.

In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of red diamonds and discover why they stand out as the rarest diamond color.

How Are Red Diamonds Formed?

Red diamonds are formed about 100 miles down the Earth’s surface, where it’s extremely hot and the pressure is really high. It takes one to 3 billion years for carbon under these conditions to turn into diamonds. 

The red color in these diamonds is caused by a process known as “plastic deformation.” Imagine bending a plastic ruler – it changes shape but doesn’t break. Something similar happens inside a diamond when it’s deep underground, under huge pressure. This pressure slightly alters the diamond’s internal structure, like bending it a bit.

Because of this change, the diamond starts to absorb more green and blue light, and doesn’t absorb red light. So, when light passes through the diamond, only the red light comes out, giving the diamond its unique and rare red color.

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Where to Find Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are predominantly found in Africa, Australia, and Brazil. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, known for its rich yield of colored diamonds, is notably the most significant source of these precious stones, producing about 90-95% of the world’s red diamonds. The reason for this dominance is largely geological. The unique conditions of the Argyle Mine, including its specific mineral makeup and the way diamonds have formed there over millions of years, create the perfect environment for producing the rare red hue in diamonds. 

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What is the Most Valuable Red Diamond?

Standing at the pinnacle of gemstone rarity, the Moussaieff Red Diamond is a testament to the extraordinary quality of diamonds. This remarkable stone, weighing 5.11 carats and cut into a stunning triangular shape, is distinguished by its deep, vivid red hue. Originally discovered in the mines of Brazil, its journey from a raw, uncut gem to a symbol of luxury encapsulates a remarkable story of skillful transformation and artistic mastery.

red diamond

More than just its size and color, the Moussaieff Red’s true allure lies in its rarity and the meticulous care taken in its crafting. This gem’s unique characteristics and the expertise behind its cutting and polishing make it a standout symbol of luxury and a coveted jewel worldwide.

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