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March Birthstones: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

Aquamarine and Bloodstone are March’s special birthstones. 

While Aquamarine enchants with its tranquil shades of sea blue, Bloodstone presents a stark contrast with its robust, earthy tones, providing March-born individuals with totally opposite options that cater to diverse tastes.

If you’re a March baby, wearing these birthstones connects you to age-old symbolism and life’s essence.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the captivating characteristics of Aquamarine and Bloodstone.


Polished Aquamarine Gem Polished Aquamarine Gem by GIA

Aquamarines are lovely gems known for their tranquil blue hues reminiscent of the sea. Let’s discover more about this birthstone’s meaning, where it originates, its market value, and how to care for it.

Color and Appearance

Aquamarine’s color and appearance are truly mesmerizing. Its tranquil blue hues resemble the serene waters of the ocean, and its clarity makes it stand out like a shimmering pool catching the sunlight. As you admire its beauty, you’ll understand why aquamarine has been treasured throughout history, from ancient mariners to modern jewelry enthusiasts.

Meaning and Symbolism

Aquamarine’s calming blue tones carry profound symbolism, representing purity and protection. Its name, derived from the Latin for seawater, reflects ancient beliefs in its ability to calm waves and safeguard sailors. Beyond its maritime associations, aquamarine is also linked to marital bliss and conflict-protective qualities.

Exploring its history reveals a gemstone valued not only for its beauty but also for its deeper significance, embodying strength, intellect, and everlasting love.

Place of Origin

Aquamarine is sourced from different corners of the globe, each with its distinct scenery. In Brazil’s Minas Gerais state, rocky and lush green hills house aquamarine deposits in hard rock and weathered forms. Pakistan’s Karakorum foothills hold mines where miners brave steep cliffs for aquamarines. 

You’ll also find aquamarines in Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, and the U.S., including Colorado and California. Exploring these varied origins unveils the intriguing path of aquamarines from the earth to adorn your jewelry.

Market Value Throughout the Years

Over the years, the market value of aquamarine has remained strong and steady. Its popularity and demand have led to a consistent average price range of $800 to $900 per carat. As you explore the market, you’ll find that aquamarine’s enduring appeal and rarity contribute to its stable value. Whether as loose stones or set in jewelry, aquamarine maintains its allure and investment potential, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your aquamarine birthstone is easy. Its durability allows for everyday wear without worry. Keep it shining by cleaning it with warm water, soap, and a soft toothbrush to remove dirt buildup. While ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning are safe options, check for any fractures or inclusions first. Following these steps will ensure your aquamarine stays beautiful for years.

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Slab of BloodstoneSlab of Bloodstone by GIA

Bloodstone is the other birthstone for March. It carries a captivating history and unique properties you need to discover. 

Color and Appearance

Bloodstone’s appearance is remarkable, with its dark green base and red spots resembling drops of blood. This distinct combination makes it stand out and draws you in with its ancient charm. You’ll sense its mystical qualities and timeless allure as you examine it. Bloodstone tells a tale of strength, vitality, and protection, reflecting its rich history and enduring appeal.

Meaning and Symbolism

Bloodstone is a distinct gem known for its intriguing look. It’s usually dark green with red iron oxide inclusions, earning it the name “heliotrope” from ancient Greek, meaning “to turn the sun.” Some link its color to religious symbolism, like the blood of Christ. 

While they may not shine as brightly as aquamarines, many treasure bloodstones for their unique qualities, which are believed to boost strength and health. Whether for its appearance or metaphysical significance, bloodstone holds a special place as a prized gemstone with a fascinating past.

Place of Origin

Bloodstone is mainly found in India, where much of it comes from. However, it can also be found in Brazil, Australia, China, and the United States. It’s often found in rock fractures or riverbed pebbles in these areas. Exploring bloodstone’s origins reveals its presence in different countries, each adding to its availability in the gemstone market.

Market Value Throughout the Years

The market value of bloodstone has remained stable over the years, usually ranging from $1 to $3 per carat on average. Bloodstone maintains its worth despite variations due to factors like size and demand. Whether you collect gemstones or just appreciate their beauty, bloodstone remains a prized and affordable option.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your bloodstone birthstone is simple and can be done at home; just use warm water, soap, and a soft brush to clean it gently. Avoid exposing your bloodstone to harsh chemicals or extreme heat. After cleaning, dry it with a soft cloth to prevent scratches. To keep it safe when not wearing it, store your bloodstone in a soft fabric to avoid any damage.

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March birthstones, aquamarine and bloodstone, carry deep meaning, connecting you to ancient traditions and emotions. They represent strength, intellect, and enduring love, transcending their beauty.

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