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Let’s Get to Know Rubies, The King of Precious Stones

Let’s explore rubies, one of my favorite gemstones.

Ruby is part of the corundum family, a rock-forming mineral. Corundums are naturally transparent in their purest form but can also have colors with certain chemicals. Chromium will make it reddish, creating a vibrant ruby.

Not all red-hued ones, however, fall under rubies. In gemology, the color grade is essential in determining classification. It has to be red to a slightly purplish hue with a medium-dark tone. A lighter or darker stone gives you sapphires, pink and violet tones.

Since color identification can be subjective, be cautious when purchasing rubies. There can be a lot of contention. To add, not all-natural rubies exhibit the red color that we all know and love. Most actually go through heat treatment to enhance it.

Ruby is considered the king of precious stones for a reason. To illustrate, A D flawless diamond versus an untreated, natural, eye-clean ruby, the latter will cost much more on a per carat price.

Most rubies come from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and each has its distinct characteristics depending on its origin. For instance, rubies from Myanmar have a pure red color. That’s brought about by a higher presence of marble in its rocks. This makes their rubies the most coveted, usually commanding the highest price.

For my next blog, I’ll talk more about the various treatments for rubies. I am looking forward to you reading that as well.

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