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Is Jewelry a Good Investment in 2023?

Throughout history, jewelry has been a symbol of wealth and social status. Even ancient kings and queens owned extensive collections of diamond tiaras, bejeweled amulets, and gold bracelets. From the stunning jewelry suits of Indian maharajahs to the diverse range of jewelry found in the burial sites of Egyptian pharaohs, history books are filled with examples of people using jewelry to showcase their riches.

Is investing in jewelry a good choice for regular people, considering that both ancient and modern royals flaunt their wealth and power through precious stones? Let’s explore the sparkle of jewelry investment while you shine up your necklaces and rings…

Understanding Jewelry as an Investment

Investing in jewelry can be a smart decision, as it provides both financial and emotional benefits. Not only is buying beautiful pieces sold at Willyn Villarica jewelry a great way to diversify your portfolio, but you also get to enjoy wearing the pieces yourself or giving them as gifts. 

From diamond necklaces and rings to delicate earrings and bracelets, there are many different types of jewelry that make for excellent investments — let’s take a closer look at why investing in jewelry can be such an attractive option.

What Makes Jewelry an Investment?

For centuries, every civilization has been enamored with precious metals like gold and silver, owing to their innate characteristics that have captivated humankind since time immemorial.

Jewelry is often valued for its use of rare materials, making it a good way to store value and protect against economic issues like inflation. The scarcity and stability of resources such as gold, silver, and diamonds are highly valued by society as they require skill, time, and energy to obtain.

Jewelry has always been an attractive investment opportunity because of our fascination with the beautiful qualities and inherent value of precious metals. By turning these valuable materials into something even more alluring, jewelry can increase in value.

Jewelry is bought not only for its appearance and style but also for the inherent value of its materials.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Jewelry


Please be aware that not all types of jewelry can be considered a good investment. To ensure a profitable investment, it is recommended that you only purchase authentic gold and sterling silver from a dependable supplier such as ELF925.

Although plated silver and steel may have their own unique properties and similar appearances, only real gold and sterling silver are truly regarded as investments. This is not only due to societal norms and preferences but also because they are materials that have proven their durability over time and do not corrode.

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The beauty and shine of precious metals and gems make them universally attractive. Throughout history, they have been used to display wealth, exert influence, and facilitate trade. We value these materials simply because we find them visually appealing.

Investors can benefit from investing in precious metals as they are highly desired, especially in the form of jewelry. This allows individuals to showcase their gold and silver and have others appreciate their appearance, making it a valuable investment opportunity now and in the future.

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Evaluating Different Types of Investment Jewelry

Few types of investment jewelry have stood the test of time. Here are some of them:


Diamonds are considered valuable assets that can withstand the impact of inflation and economic crises. Based on historical data, the prices of vivid and fancy-colored diamonds have consistently increased by approximately 10-12% annually since 1959, even during times of economic downturns.

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High-quality pearls are highly valued and can be priced at $100 or even millions of dollars. Jewelry investors around the world desire them.

Which types of pearls are worth investing in? 

Natural saltwater pearls are a great choice for jewelry and can be expensive, ranging from $500 to $2,000 per piece.

How to Invest in Jewelry

Here are some useful steps to consider when starting your jewelry investment journey: 

Step 1: Educate Yourself

To gain knowledge about investing in jewelry, consider conducting extensive research. You may enroll in online classes, attend auction house previews, or visit museum exhibitions.

If you are buying jewelry as an investment, make sure it is something you personally enjoy. This will make it easier to determine whether to keep or sell the item in the future.

Step 2: Make Meaningful Connections in the Industry

Finding the best investment jewelry pieces can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, it is crucial to establish important connections in the industry to make wise investment choices.

To do this, consider joining jewelry organizations and forums such as the Gemological Institute of America or the National Jeweler Association in order to learn more about investing in jewelry and make meaningful connections with experts like Willyn Villarica Jewelry.

Examples of Successful Jewelry Investments

Rare Vintage Rings

Choosing period pieces is a good idea when it comes to jewelry. Vintage rings and other types of jewelry are highly sought after, especially rare ones. These items are also considered among the most valuable, and their prices are increasing.

According to a report by Art Market Research, vintage jewelry prices have increased by 80% over the past decade. “This is Money,” one of the leading financial websites in the UK, reported on this market trend.

Natural Saltwater Pearls

Experts have recommended natural saltwater pearl jewelry as a top investment option since 2021. Based on the new analysis, they believe this trend will continue to grow in 2023.

These pearls are valuable because they are rare. The market primarily includes antique jewelry containing natural saltwater pearls that are more than 100 years old.

Bottomline: Is Jewelry Still a Good Investment in 2023?

Yes, jewelry is still a good investment in 2023. It holds its value over time and stands the test of economic downturns. Investing in jewelry can give you the opportunity to acquire items that are both beautiful and valuable. 

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