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Introducing… Bloodstones!

Hello everyone!

In this merry month of March, and there are two birthstones commonly associated on this month namely Bloodstone and Aquamarine.

For this blog, though, I’ll be discussing Bloodstones (also known as Heliotrope), a type of Quartz.

Before I go any further, I must briefly discuss Quartz and Chalcedony, and the crystal sizes associated with them.

Quartz varieties like Amethysts, Citrines, and Smokey Quartz come from large single or twinned crystals that give them a transparent appearance. Chalcedonies, on the other hand, are an aggregate of tiny, microscopic crystals, called Cryptocrystalline aggregates, to which Bloodstones fall under. Chalcedonies range from translucent to opaque, depending on how tightly packed the silica crystals are. Other types of cryptocrystalline aggregates are Sardonyx, Onyx, and Jasper. Because of how these aggregates are packed, they are suited for sculptures and various types of carvings like bangle bracelets, beads, and the like.

Bloodstone is a type of jasper with a very distinctive look: presence of red to brownish red flecks caused by iron oxide, scattered across a dark green background.

In ancient Greek, this stone is purported to be magical, giving the power of invisibility. Ancient Romans believed this stone to help slow bleeding hence it was common for soldiers to carry bloodstones as a sort of talisman when they go off to war. Some believed it to be a stone to bring wealth and success.

Whether or not you believe in its mythical properties, there’s no denying that the bloodstone is truly versatile!

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